Will Denver’s increasing density set precedent for the rest of the state? The debate on the topic is ongoing and it turns out there isn’t a simple answer:

Zoning has become a tricky topic tied to the growth of
Denver and its surrounding cities. There is no easy answer to the question ‘Who’s
to decide on the increasing of population density in a neighborhood or creating
the capacity ceiling?’ Not only has ‘building up’ become a skyrocketing trend
but the price of homes is following its path.

Expert, Mark Johnson, reminds us of a time where the traditional
notion of growth in an area meant keeping house prices down. In this housing
market that is no longer the case and Johnson suggests a paradigm shift when it
comes to ‘growth’, shifting from simply constructing buildings to analyzing the
housing landscape based on 5 factors:

Design, scale, congestion, new people and economic

The full article can be read below:


Do you think his plans will save Colorado from being crowded

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